Sunday, 11 January 2015

Please don't feel rejected!

I feel the need to explain myself for fear of giving offence
where none is intended.
Facebook is such a potential mine field at times
and I'm never quite sure about it's social etiquette,
if indeed one exists in the first place.

Etiquette:  "How dare you fart before my wife."
"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was her turn!"
What I'm trying to say is that just recently I've been
receiving an increasing number of "friend requests" from
stitchers who rock up on my personal page and
regrettably they have been declined purely and simply
because this is the space where I like to exchange news and gossip
with my family and a few close friends who have
stuck with me over the years through thick and thin.

The Guest House, Worthing.  The rooms are clean and
very comfortable provided you don't mind sharing!
It's unlikely that a lady in Minnesota or a stitching
group in Alice Springs would be even remotely interested
in one of my grandson's birthday celebrations or the
arrangements for possible over night accommodation
in a guest house in East Sussex.
A new release coming Saturday 24th January 2015.
See - everything you need to know is right here!
There is already a Long Dog page on Facebook specially created for
officionado's where I post news of new releases and other
stitching related snippets and this blog alone should be enough to
make even the most straight-laced lady who sews
undo her top button and have a bit of a laugh
from time to time.  Thank goodness for Tenna Lady!

Please -  no more selfies and, before you ask,
I'm not into fishin' either!

And to the persistent Russian gentleman who keeps contacting
me, will he please get this straight "Long Dogging" and
"dogging" are two entirely different things and he most certainly
has got the wrong end of the stick - big time!
Never darken my FB page again please Vladimir, besides
which I'm way too old for all that nonesense now. 


  1. Not sure how it works, but I think you can set your facebook page to be available to only family or whichever groups you specify. It's funny, I'm a "nobody," ie., not an exceptional famous designer, and get requests from who knows who. I think people have contests to see who can have the most "friends." Don't seem to understand you only need one good friend!

  2. I lve your blog. It always inspires me and cheers me up. Your sense of humour is so refreshing. Long may it continue. Have a good 2015