Friday, 23 January 2015

The Love of Two Hearts

As promised in my predictions for 2015, the first new
design of the year.  Only four more to go and it will
be Christmas again before you know it!

This delightful little taradiddle is not quite "in your face"
but full of sufficient colour to brighten up even the
gloomiest of winter days.
Can you see where this is going?

Those of you with keen eyesight will already have noticed that
the design is dated 2017. That's because I know how long it takes some
of you to get around to starting charts in your stash.
However, as always, an alphabet and numerals are included
with the design for you to put your own stamp on things.

It answers to the name of The Love of Two Hearts -
how very sweet.  When it is fully grown it will
measure 153 x 197 stitches, so not excessively large
by Long Dog standards, and it will cost you
the measley sum of £12.60 (back in Britain - back in sterling).

So off you all trot, rummage in your handbags, delve deep
in your pockets, raid the holiday fund, peer under
the fridge (perhaps not, unless you're really desperate)
and while you're at it stick your arm down the back of the
sofa, you never know what you might find.

Then, when you've amassed your small fortune, I don't take
shirt buttons or ring pulls by the way, contact me immediately,
any time day or night, and demand your copy of this
hitherto unknown stitching "must have".

Happiness is only a mouse click away!

I will know no rest until I have heard from you.


  1. I love the sentiment -- and the design.

  2. Jools, this is exquisite. As always design and color meet in perfect harmony!

    1. Blast you do fair make I blush Miss Deborah, she said in her fake Norfolk dialect.

  3. Dan Van Heukelem26 January 2015 at 18:31

    Love It! Will it add another year to my life expectancy if I add it to my stash?

    1. At a conservative estimate, a couple at least! Everyone says that stitching a Long Dog puts years on them.