Saturday, 10 January 2015

For your information

This is just to let you know that over the course of the next
couple of weeks I shall be updating the Long Dog site in an attempt
to fall in line with the currency of the country in which I am
now permanently residing.
Please don't be dismayed, or alarmed, if you suddenly discover
that prices are no longer given in euros but in pounds sterling (GBP).
This is not a devious attempt to increase prices after
poor December sales figures (despite the Advent Door ad campaign),
 but merely a direct conversion from one
currency to another.

The service you receive will continue to be first class,
the designs you receive will be just as breathtakingly beautiful and
will have lost nothing in the translation,
and good old PayPal will do the rest as always.

The staff at the Long Dog Call Centre are ready 24/7
to take your orders

I look forward to receiving your continued custom
and, indeed, friendship, to infinity and beyond.
Julia Line
Creative Genius
Head of Everything
Long Dog Samplers
(modesty prevents me from going further)


  1. That's one cute dog. Cold and windy here on this January Saturday. Sharon

  2. I am impressed. You let the dog answer the phone, the courgettes (corgis)would
    a. bark at it (Tilly)
    b. bury it (Trouble)
    c. eat it (Archie)