Wednesday, 2 July 2014

You can still find a thrill when you're over the hill!

You just have to look a little harder
always supposing you can remember where you put
your glasses down in the first place.
 Thrill seekers out on the town
Forget tattoo's - they're for the young,
the criminally insane and those seeking first hand
experience of septicaemia.
That said, a fox going to cover between
my buttocks with only the tail still visible
does still have a certain appeal
but who, except members of the medical profession,
would get to see it these days?

Join a girl band
The only piercing I fancy is a full Albert
(Google it but seek only a description - don't opt for the pictures)
but as a sex change would also be involved I shall
put that particular whim in my "too difficult" folder.
But this still leaves plenty of avenues for fun and frolic
if you're prepared to use a little imagination.
Here's some ideas to get you started.
Go commando in Tesco's when you pick up your next quiche
 and see if anyone is any the wiser.

Join the local bowls club as an agent provocateur
and see how many rubbers or mats of whatever it is they
call them you can throw into chaos before they
throw you and your woods out onto the street.
Attend a meeting of your local Women's Institute
wearing a "Jam making sucks" t-shirt.

Join your local vigilante group
Travel with your free bus pass at the height of rush hour
and see if the driver has the bottle to stop you.
Return your library books with saucy little post-it
notes inside for the next unwitting reader to discover.

Go train spotting with some mates
Lie about your age.
Add ten years and see if anyone says
"You certainly don't look it."
Now off you go, have a laugh, don't get arrested
send me your photo's and watch out for fellow thrill seekers
on the way.  You only live once so what's stopping you?

Knickers are an optional extra!


  1. Your warning to avoid the Albert photos was like a red rag to a bull. Still shuddering.....

    1. Bad girl Julie, I did warn you but I don't think you'll be the only one with pink cheeks today although how many others admit it is another story.