Monday, 21 July 2014


How long did it take you to spot it?
It all started off innocently enough, as most things do, during the course of
a conversation with my youngest granddaughter regarding the merits
of having a couple of extra toes when faced with the task of
learning to swim.
We came to the conclusion that a couple of extra digits certainly wouldn't
 go amiss and might even make her progress through the water a little easier
and potentially swifter than her little classmates.
At this point things suddenly went awry and I now find myself
engaged in a bizarre competition to discover whether it is possible
to grow a couple of extra toes using the power of our
minds as our only tool.  So far I have nothing positive to report.

Can you see it?  I've blown the picture up a bit for you.
Now not many people know this but it's not actually that uncommon
a phenomena.  Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame has an extra toe,
Anne Boleyn, old Henry VIII's wife was said to have an extra
appendage or two and even characters in works of fiction
like Hannibal Lecter were digitally enhanced.

This experiment is open to all comers including animals and Alice too.

Talk to the paw or leave a message, your time starts now!
Good luck ........

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