Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Glad tidings of great joy"

Please try not to over react to today's catchy title.
I haven't won the lottery neither have I sold the chateaux
- damn and blast all round I hope you cry.
It's simply that I like the phrase.
For me it conjours up angels with trumpets,
messengers arriving on horseback or something
auspicious in need of immediate celebration.

Not quite the sort of messenger I had in mind.
 I'm also getting a little bored with "regards", "best wishes",
"cheers" and even the tried and tested "you take care now"
at the bottom of the majority of emails and letters which
I receive.  I'm such an old grump.

That's more like it, very peaceful.
So, not wanting to join them I have opted for an
altogether entirely different form of ending.
First off  I decided to designate the love
I was sending with a different shade each day
- big pink love, love the colour of a summer meadow,
love divine all loves excelling - sorry that's the
first line of No 47 Hymns Ancient & Modern for Schools.
I soon began to expand upon my theme,
much like with my designs, and the love had to be
more than just a colour it had to be an interesting
statement full of adjectives, metaphors and similies.
Today I received back "white root love" from
the divine Deborah of the deer and rocky places
which can only prove it must be starting to rub off
on others.  You guessed it - I'm after viral again!

Sorry labradors - lurchers win every time!
But let's not stop there, why not include taste and smell too!
Wouldn't you just love to receive thoughts evocative
of wet labradors sleeping by the fire on a winter's afternoon?
the perfume of apricots ripening in the sun or, a particular
favourite of mine, the heady aroma of fresh coffee
wafting from the kitchen?

Could this be the Moonstone Fairy,
I do so miss her?
Or even "I send you fairy dust gathered in my dreams
to make your day a little more special."
I wrote to the bank today - I wonder what they will
make of my "from your favourite customer I send you thoughts as
red as the figures on an overdraft and greetings as
round as the noughts on my balance!
Now how shall I sign myself on my note to the
rather fit young man who's currently doing the garden I wonder?

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