Monday, 30 June 2014

The silly season has come early this year ......

..... which means that there's very little happening
either in the big wide world or on Planet Long Dog
for that matter.
So I thought I'd share this picture
with you as it made me laugh!
Some hen night that turned out to be!

 The rather fetching headgear appears to be an essential part of the
costume but what she's going as I have absolutely no idea.
That reminds me, I must get something out of the freezer
for my lunch.
That's better - she seems to have let her hair down at last.

I thought the poor soul had lost a finger until I had a closer look -
good job it wasn't the other hand or this bride to be would
really be in trouble.  Now chop, chop and get some
clothes on my girl you've got a rehearsal at the church in just
under an hour and you don't want to keep everyone waiting.

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