Saturday, 12 July 2014

Family outing

Oh joy!  Three generations of us have had to go trooping
off to the doctor's with a nasty dose of .....
....... the Felthorpe blight!

This particular affliction is insidious by nature and creeps
up on its victims almost imperceptibly.
A little tickle, a discrete clearing of the
throat, a slight shortness of breath, a sexy rather
husky voice and then, a few days later - BAM!
Before you know it there's an invisible elephant sitting on
your chest and a cough develops that sounds like a gattling
gun on active manoeuvres.

Time to block book the family pew at the local GP's
for a catering sized portion of anti-biotics,
some "There, there, never mind" and a lurid pink lolly
for the youngest member by way of consolation.

Windsor soup.
Finding a suitable illustration was not an easy task today but
when I eventually Googled "three generations"
this was the result.  There's always one is every family, eh ma'am.


  1. That looks like my guess as to which person I am. ;)