Thursday, 3 July 2014

My mo-jo would appear to be back in business again!

In the absence of my nearest and dearest who have all disappeared
off to The Smoke (London) for a few days I found myself
casting around for some amusing diversion to fill a little time
(of which I seem to have plenty these days)
when my eyes lit upon my brand, spanking new, senior bus pass
which was long overdue for it's maiden flight.

I couldn't show you mine - the heels are scuffed.
So clad in nothing much more than my best high-heel sneakers
and with my wig hat plonked firmly on my head I sallied forth
to the bus stop to catch the ten o'clock coach into Norwich.
Now for most people this would be a relatively simple
operation.  Leave the house, cross the road and wait patiently for
transport to rock up ready to whisk me away on an adventure.
All was going well until I decided that I might just take the weight
off my feet for a few minutes and sit in the bus shelter
as I didn't want to overtire myself unnecessarily on my first
unaccompanied trip into the outside world since last Christmas.
 But alas, said shelter had been vandalised and the bench was broken.
Ever resourceful and undaunted, and because it was a nice day,
I decided to park my bum on the steps in the sunshine instead.

I should have listened to Sean's warning
Not many minutes had passed before I sprang to my feet giving
little girlie yelps and clutching at my leggings in an unseemly fashion.
Unbeknownst to me I had sat on an ants nest and had become the victim
of a very nasty dose of "ants in the pants"!

It was at this exact same moment that the bus arrived and I
boogied on board still clutching at my knickers and making quite
a spectacle of myself much to the amusement of the small
crowd of onlookers who were regarding my plight and
sniggering to themselves.  A pox on them all.

Where were you when I needed you?
They weren't laughing quite so loudly a few stops down the
line when some of my little hitch-hikers had gone a-roving
and were climbing the legs and invading the nether garments
of other passengers stupid enough to have sat close to me.
Serves 'em right for laughing.

Stop by again tomorrow for the rest of Julia Rides Again 
as we haven't even reached the bus depot yet.

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