Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Join on, join on - boys are allowed!

A recruiting sergeant came this way
From an inn near town at the close of day.
Don't panic shorty, he's after your missus!
He said,  "Young woman you're a fine embroidress
Would you like to sew along and be a Long Dog stitcher?"
Grandad - the grim recruiter!
I've been at the blog statistics again, I know I shouldn't as it only usually
upsets me but. as you know, my Grandad was a recruiting sergeant for the
Seaforth Highlanders so I'm genetically programmed to seek out
supporters at every possible opportunity.
I know you're out there taking anonymous little peeks at the blog
when you think I'm not looking - you show up on the hit counter,
unless of course Deborah has left her computer on again all
night and has racked up all those hits on her own!
Her lekkie bill must be astronomical.
But what really hurts is this ......
Seen here in all his glory relaxing with
(from l-r) Winnie, William, George & Meg
although perhaps Chris is under there somewhere!
...... that brilliant raconteur John Grey has, at the last count, got 800+ followers
and rising.  It's my favourite blog and has sustained me through
some very dark hours of late.  This is the second plug I've given him (may I be forgiven).
but see for yourselves http://disasterfilm.blogspot it's called Going Gently.
There's dogs galore, Bosoms (not quite what you're imagining),
a marriage in the offing, Aunty Glad, the flower show committee,
a hormonal turkey - what more could you ask?
I'll tell you - I ask that you sign up here, join in, take bloody part,
leave more comments, participate - I don't get out much so stroke me please,
fill my void (sounds rude), whatever turns you on really just so long as you
stop lurking


  1. I'm still reading! :D Rooting for you too. Hang in there!

  2. Include me in.

  3. "Here my ris." As my oldest used to say when he was little. Hope you are feeling better soon Mrs Long Dog. I do apologise for not commenting much at all.

    1. Here my ris has a nice ring to it, do you think it would go well on a sampler?

  4. Well I, for one, happen to love visiting your blog! So just stay away from those statistics or whatever you're looking at (blechhhh...why are you looking at MATH related stuff??). As a very wise sampler states, "Count your blessings" [instead of blog hits?!] LOL. Hope you're feeling better, Julia! We love Long Dog and your beautiful designs, so keep up the gorgeous sampler designing and making us smile with your blog posts, ok? PS - do I see a Wheaten Terrier amongst the sweet babies cuddled in that bed??

    1. If "wheaten" is another name for "Welsh terrier" then you do, William and Meg are both of that ilk. Thanks for your comment, it's nice to see some people do as they're asked! I think I might become really feisty in my old age it might be fun.

  5. Well I follow both you and John, both blogs make me laugh myself silly! I'm a lurker so pardon me if I don't say hi as often as I should. I'm still here! :)

  6. Hello maam, I click on to your blog every day so that I get a laugh, am sorry that I don't comment more often as it seems you are entertaining us more than us entertaining you. Am truly sorry (now I have guilt!!), but you must know that all of us over there on the FB page are huge fans, even though we are silent too often. Its all that stitching that is going on you know ;-). We are now at 260 yippee. Please don't get too disheartened and stop looking at the bloody counter.

  7. I think I get the message - step away from the statistics and the hit counter in particular. Live and let lurk! I would just add, however, as a tiny footnote, that I have just noticed there are now 360+ followers of Long Dog on Pinterest so I shall watch what's going on there for a change. Let's see if we can make it 380 by the weekend! There I go again .....

  8. I follow you both places so I am not sure how that works with the counters...

    Happy June!

    1. It probably confuses both of us but please don't stop.

  9. Love your blog Julia - hope you're back on track soon cx