Friday, 13 June 2014

Allowed out for good behaviour ....

I've been out and about today,
strutting my stuff
and generally putting it about a bit.
And how good it felt.
I do actually have a long felt want but that's another story.
To continue .......
Skinny dipping not advisable.
Sorry to disappoint you Camilla but I didn't jet off to the Seychelles
for a quick pint of larger tops with Michael Caine
and neither have I taken up snorkeling at the local sub-aqua club.
One of these would set you back a tidy 200 knicker - iniquitous!
I have in fact been taking a leisurely stroll around our local garden centre
where you can buy anything from a small shark to some recycled
old iron turned into garden statuary complete
with handy integral storage for those damp summer days .....
,,,, talking of which, these jolly gurgling water features
were enough to send even those with the most iron clad of bladders
rushing off in search of the ladies room before their
trusty Tenna Lady liners were put to the ultimate, and very public, kegel test.
Better luck next time Gloria.
And, guess what, I even managed to find a few of these flowery dudes
dotted about amongst all the nick nacks and concrete thingeys.
These beauties were hidden behind a huge display of wellies shaped
like frogs, covered in spots, ones that glowed in the dark
and even a trip down memory lane - a plain black pair.
What will they think of next - some that actually keep your feet dry perhaps?
Today's  mystery plant was found skulking by the dustbins and looked,
to all intents and purposes, like a giant weed.
But then it's heady, unforgettable aroma hit me and I was transported back
again to the sixties where the beat was still going on
and I had a sneaky suspicion that the weed in question
was weed!  Care to join me for the ride, it will be like old times?


  1. We have those metal cows here too. I just love em, but am not prepared to pay from $300 bucks for one.

  2. Very glad to see that you have been out and about again!