Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Two steps forward, three steps back .....

I was just cramming the last delicious morsel of cheese and onion
pastie into my mouth, and a particularly delicious one it was too,
when the telephone in the soft room began to ring.
I didn't manage to get there in time despite an Olympic qualifying
dash up the hall which left me breathless and slightly light-headed
I might add.  However when it rang again moments later
 I did pick up the call and instantly wished I hadn't!

He was calling from his surgery in the Tardis.
No, it wasn't the rudie man wanting to know the colour of my
knickers, nor was it anyone attempting to flog me something.
It was - the doctor.
Damn and blast!  If it's not one thing then it's another and
apparently my cholesterol is now giving reason for concern.
Having already had a brief flirtation with statins during the course
of which I nearly lost all sensation in both my legs
I begged for clemency and the opportunity to control matters with
diet and exercise.   Aaargh! the very words are enough to induce panic.

Surely the jam must count as one of my five a day?
I decided not to proffer too many details regarding my current dietary
fads but have decided that perhaps it's not really too bright an
idea to exist solely on pies, sausages, Danish pastries,
cheese, full strength Greek yogurt and the occasional
giant slab or three of dairy milk chocolate which is currently
on special offer at Tesco's - a pox on their marketing manager!

Fuelled by fear and possibly my last pastie for some time to come
I set out on a walk - 15 minutes there, 15 minutes back for starters -
during the course of which the heavens opened,
 I was nearly mowed down by zealous binmen zigzagging
across the pavement in front of me and met a very charming
ginger cat whose name I know not and several bunnies
whose names I care not but I bet they would taste delicious
with a few herbs and a handful of tiny little carrots on the side.

Bright eyes burning like fire - sing along now.
All this talk of food is making me hungry
- fancy a radish anyone?


  1. You can join me now Julia. I have inherited high cholesterol, which means no matter what I eat or exercise I have it. So I now take two types of tablet as I had reaction to statin as well. I have to take Ezetrol and Lipitor every day (not sure if these are named the same in UK). Now I don't have any side affects, and can have the occasional cheese binge. Yay.