Sunday, 29 June 2014

Seeking asylum

I come at you today from deep within a pair of lace leggings.
It's bloody freezing, pouring with rain and the
local brass monkeys have run out of lagging.
Just another typical summer's day in dear old Blightey.
The Bethel Street Mental Hospital in Norwich was built
in 1725 at the behest of the Rev Samuel Chapman,
Rector of Thorpe for the habitation of poor lunatics
(of which there was no shortage - NFN)
but not for natural born fools and idiots.
Little was he to know that many years down the line
my dear friends the Laird of Vonnes and his good
lady Linda would be blatantly breaking his rules
of residency to the extent of inviting na'er do wells like
me round to dine.
We munched our way through a fine selection of the best that
M&S has to offer and I paused briefly to snap my swiftly disappearing
dish of strawberry and apple pie with custard by way of a momento
of the occasion.  Now to the good bit .....
Lady Linda has been tossing the floss on a new piece of
18# burgundy Aida - she's about to embark on a secret new
Long Dog project, unfortunately I would have to kill
you all should details accidentally leak out before the
the appointed time.
I can however show you my BFF's progress on Spirit of Vierland
which is pretty impressive considering she only began it a few
days ago on a scrap of old table cloth she happened to have handy.
She got nicked for speeding last week
- caught doing 100 stitches to the minute 1 over 2
in a built up area!  I like her style.
Enjoy your retirement yous two it's well deserved.
Damn and blast, now I shall have to design even faster
just to make sure she doesn't get bored and turn to mischief and rose!

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