Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pia Zocca

It's funny how things just happen when you're least expecting them
and today Pia Zocca was just pure serendipity.
Love will find a way .....
Being a good girl,  I was out wandering the streets early this morning
with my trusty Pentax Optio M40 (bought duty free in Andorra)
before it got too hot taking what passes these days for exercise and
wondering what on earth I was going to blog about when I got back.
A corner of the studio.
Well I needn't really have worried because fate in the guise of
a giant sign saying "Open at 11am" and loads of multi-coloured bunting
shaped like deranged octopus soon had me ensnared.
I thought at best it might be someone selling off some odd items of
bric-a-brac in their garden shed and that the worst case scenario
would be some boring old fart with an assortment of plant cuttings
he was trying to knock out at exorbitant prices.
Can you see the dog on the left?
Oh! how wrong I was.  Through the back of this particular wardrobe was
not Narnia but the studio of a very charming and talented Italian lady
who wove her particular brand of magic with glass and a free cup of tea!
Candle holders
There were panels of all sizes and colours, lamps to take your
breath away, panes of glass like cut agates, dragonflies, butterflies
and please don't forget to do up your flies as you leave as there's
tons more to see in the garden.
This panel's my favourite but I don't
have a window to hang it in right now.
Willow sculptures, shells, statues made from recycled textiles,
old garden tools decked with garlands, a Rhodesian ridgeback bitch
who was amazingly well behaved but what really freaked me out
was when what I thought was a statue of an old man seated on a
bench in the shade suddenly grasped my hand as I passed
and introduced himself as Tom!

If you want to see more of Pia's work then just click on the link:


  1. What a charming and creative place to visit!

    1. You never know what you'll find just down the road. I'm still on the lookout for a neighbour with a long dog but so far no luck.