Thursday, 29 November 2012

Are you sitting comfortably?

then we'll begin.  Try to pay attention Geordie dear you might find this interesting - no I haven't been on a guided tour of the dog food factory again.

Yesterday my rendez vous with the mangle found me in Loches with time to kill and my trusty Pentax at the ready.  If you're hoping for sewing today you're out of luck but for those of you with more eclectic tastes (wider interests Mary-Sue) we'll press on.
Ah! the fairy tale citadel of Loches.  Think Joan of Arc, think Mary Queen of Scots, think George Sands - think what you like really, it was drizzling and definately taters.  (For my non-Cockney followers thats "taters (potatoes) in the mould = cold" - get it?  Oh well, never mind.)  I wonder how my Japanese friends cope with all this?

My visit coincided with market day - damn and blast - so parking was tricky as I don't much like reversing the van at the best of times.  What do you think of our tasteful decorations - we know how to celebrate here and no mistake.  Bet it looks even more naf at night.
This old dear, yes, the trendy one with the hat, looks like she's just spotted something unpleasant crawl out of the lettuces.  But there again she's French so she'll probably eat it if it has horns and a shell.  Ooh la la c'est formidable!
Talking of eating things, I'm away home now for a nice cup of tea and a cake.  Guess which one I chose - the biggest of course.
Looks like they're all packing up now any way and I don't blame them.  Thought for the day:  How many Maltesers can you get in your mouth in one go?  I was up to 8 when the phone rang and I nearly swallowed the lot in my haste to answer it.  Children under 12 remember to make sure you have a responsible adult with you if you wish to take up the challenge but, hang on a minute, what exactly are you precocious little brats doing reading my blog in the first place.  Whatever next - is nothing sacred.

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