Monday, 26 November 2012

Thank you ma'am.

Yes Mary-Sue I'm speaking to Camilla so don't you go forgetting to curtsey now.  She's put the word out amongst her friends and another anonymous "titled tiara" has joined our gang of followers.  Exciting isn't it?  We're into double figures at last!

I'm currently working on this little beauty.  I find stitching at night in a bad light often produces some interesting results but it's not something I would widely recommend unless, like me, you like to live life on the edge.

This is really just another of my devious advertising tricks and today it's a triple whammee.  Giant blue scissors by some manufacturer in Finland of all places but we'll pass over that because most Fins can't understand what I'm on about half the time.  Beautiful thread from Gentle Art and our featured Long Dog Design is, of course, The Token - still currently available and a "must have" for that Christmas stocking or last minute impulse purchase.


 How can anyone work in this chaos?  Quite easily because when the desk gets too overcrowded things just fall on the floor and the problem solves itself.  This weekend our much-loved, friendly little blog reached another milestone.  Even as I slept the hit counter topped the 1000 mark.  But let's not rest here on our laurels I need you to keep notching up the hits and forcing friends to become followers if necessary because what would be nice is some kind of an award in 2013.  Camilla's up for it so why not you?

Alas the fridge door is now so full of magnets that it might fall from it's hinges at any moment so I've granted myself special planning permission to start colonising the bathroom towel rail.  If you're interested in getting this special photographic effect at home simply stand in your own light and click away.  The technical term for this is "amateur".

Here's a big chunk of grey love for you.  Originally I stood it on a piece of towel roll while the paint dried and now the two have become inseperable.  Who know's it may catch on. 
Let's end here with today's hot tip (gained from bitter experience):  Even if you have only half a load of washing don't be tempted to economise and top it up with a dog blanket.  I now have several "mohair" bra's and some very uncomfortable knickers. 


  1. I also love to live dangerously! Some of my color combos have been questioned but I love them anyway. Can't wait to see your latest design. I am getting ready to start Froth and Bubble I. Can't wait to see the colors evolve.

  2. I've seen some of your colour combinations on your blog and they're certainly in your face - that's what it's all about. Oops, sounds like I've broken into the Okey Kokey by mistake. Send us a picture when you've finished so we can all share.

  3. I'm not really a "blue" person, but your DIP (as opposed to WIP) looks wonderful! Your magnets....will you share where you purchased them???? Thanks!

    1. Carole I got them, amongst others, in a tacky little souvenir shop in Carcasonne,which is down towards the Pyrenees, a few years back now. Perhaps a Google search on something like "Cathar fridge magnets" might prove lucky.