Sunday, 25 November 2012

Life gets better .....

... and for why?  because my followers are almost into double figures!  At this rate we'll have enough of you for a give-away by 2014.  Stroke me and I respond - here's a picture for you.

What can I say - don't try this at home I'm not convinced that it worked.  Shabby - yes, it's the chic aspect that needs a little more work.  Perhaps blue raffia instead of parcel string.  I musn't be so cheapskate.

This is definately the last lavender bag this year - I really can't be arsed to make any more they're so fiddly so it's into the compost for all the rest of those smelly little flowers.  They seem to go everywhere even if you're very careful and use a spoon.  Well what do you use then Mary-Sue , a corn scoop?  Once again it's only the back view as the recipient prefers to remain anonymous - like some of my latest followers I might add.  I wonder who you are - perhaps it's the Dutchess of Cornwall in cross stitch mode. "By Royal Appointment" has a nice ring to it don't you think.  Enough daydreaming .....

No - not an advert for Whirlpool fridges (perhaps I could look into that later) but two little fridge magnets I made out of scraps using motifs from the Long Dog Sampler design called St Flovier (now that was an ad of the "in your face" variety rather than the "subliminal" which is something else I should look into - how to brainwash your followers.  Have I enough yet for mass hypnotism?)

Let your minds go blank (Mary-Sue you can skip this stage), stare into the centre of my Gentle Art stash (another missed advertising oportunity) and picture yourself entering your local mercerie (needlework shop) hell bent on buying up every single Long Dog in the place.  3-2-1 you're back in the room.  I must keep an eye on the sales figures for next month and see if this new sales ploy is a go'er.

Well that's enough excitement for one day and I have a chicken in need of trussing.  Just a quick breath of fresh air, and as you can see there's plenty of it out the back of Chez-Moi, before I put what's left of the parcel string to better use on this chook.

Thought for the day - do you think the SAS could manage to creep up on me without being seen because I thought I saw something flash over in the woods!

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