Saturday, 1 December 2012

A bee in my bonnet?

Nothing so tame my old darlings - a hornet in my hair (literally).  Happy new month by the way.

Last night they tumbled by the dozen down the kitchen chimney where they'd been having a kip and made straight for the only light in the house - got it in one (with the exception of Mary-Sue as usual) - my sewing lamp under which I just happened to be putting in a few more little stitches before bed.  Pandemonium ensued.  Mouche legged it, Geordie tried to eat them and I swatted them with a rolled up copy of Country Living (todays advertising feature) which just happened to be at hand.  This bodes badly for the morrow I thought and how right I was.

Whilst brewing up still half asleep and clad only in my jinkies (not a pretty sight first thing in the morning) my biggest storage jar full of rice, for no apparent reason, leapt lemming-like from the shelf pausing only to break on the worktop, slash me across the back of my hand and then in one giant parabola continue on down to the tiled floor where it shattered completely.  Damn, blast and **** I said to no one in particular.  Do you like my cross stitch shelf edgings by the way?  There will now be a short interlude while I staunch the flow of blood.

That's better, it's was a bit cold out there.  Just after elevensies I decided to pop down to St Flo to post off an order when I ran into an ambush.  Crazy Patrice, the Pairauderie mad cat, decided to leap out under my back wheels and the inevitable sickening thud ensued. Merde!  But fear not, he's OK, look at the message he posted for me on his blog last night ..... yes, he's bi-lingual, all the cats are round here.

And guess what?  After all that the post office was closed for some reason until Monday afternoon.  No wonder small businesses struggle.  I've decided for a change to leave you with a trailer for my next post so here it is .....

All to be revealed.  What do you think of my bedside table by the way - it's amazing what you can create with some bits of old angle iron from the shed.  And another thing - why has our hit counter slowed down?  You really must try and keep up you know,  Tisk, tisk.

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