Tuesday, 27 November 2012

And did those feet?

Yes, I'm afraid they did all over the Axminster.  What's more there's another three possibly even worse than this one.

I only popped out this morning to post a couple of orders and pick up some vital supplies during which time my darling Good God decided to occupy himself in the persuit of his latest hobby - open cast mining.  Somebody pass the towel roll quick!

You're right Angela I haven't made any progress at all on The Token because I've been much too excited to sew.  Not only have we had 1340 hits now but like mushrooms you seem to multiply in the night while I sleep.  There are now 21 of you wonderful ladies, sorry Sebastian no offence intended, and I've left the best bit till last, we now have six titled tiaras!  They've been talking of nothing else at Harvey Nicks.  On a sad note however I had to bar young Sarah Ferguson  - it's for the best as I think she'd only be a bad influence on the rest of you , she's way too frivolous.


Goodness, I didn't mean to show you this.  It's a happy snap of some of those SAS lads I told you about the other day who are on manoeuvres in the woods behind my house.  My apologies, I'm quite red faced,  Cover yourself up boys I'll put the kettle on later.
"Pub" in France means all these wonderful brochures, especially this time of year, full of tempting goodies.  They get delivered by the factrice.  Why am I showing you all this? beause it's today's advertising feature.  See all those names - Super U, Leader Price, E Leclerc should be worth a few bonus points on my loyalty cards don't you think.
Tomorrow it's breast scan day so I shall be otherwise occupied but I'm sure you'll find something to do with yourselves in the meantime.

OK lads, you can come out now.  They've gone.  I thought I should never get rid of them.  Now then Tarquin what can I offer you .......

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