Thursday, 16 July 2015

Your old green wellies .....

Down amongst the cabbages
Through the sunflowers tall
Can you see those courgettes
Growing by the wall?
Runner beans, French beans
Bright red flowers a-quiver.
Already there's some tasty pods.
Let's have them for our dinner.

Just beside the old blue shed
Things are growing fast.
Lettuces are looking good,
Currants ripe at last.
Red ones, white ones,
Some are fat and black.
Pick them in the evening cool.
No sun to burn your back.

Lurking in the greenhouse
It's windows open wide
Are proud tomatoes all trussed up,
A row on either side.
Cherry ones, merry ones,
Full of pips and pulp.
Stick a ripe one in your mouth,
Eat it in one gulp.

Come and join our merry band,
Bring your fork and spade.
Time to put some leeks in
The job can't be delayed.
Come and taste the great outdoors
Get back to your roots.
But first make sure
That you can find
Your old green wellie boots!

1 comment:

  1. These take me back to wonderful times, roaming in my parent's garden.