Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Alone no more ......

No, I haven't found myself a man nor a dog so
please don't get over excited and start frothing at
the mouth.

Come round the other side, you can see them better
from there.

What I have got is FISH!
Three jolly, fat fish to be precise who are now currently
enjoying the pool facilities here at the lock-up.
They are very ordinary common or garden creatures
not blessed with exotic tails or fabulous coloured
scales but they will do me very nicely nonetheless.

One is white and the other two are orange and
all three are currently lacking names so please,
put on your naming caps and see what you can
come up with.

There they are, under the pond soldier.

I'm off to the shops now to buy some fish food,
a heron gun and a couple of no-fishing signs
for good measure.  Nobody messes with my 
lurcher fish!


  1. whilst admiring your green house/solarium, we noticed your lovely pond and figured there must be some aquatic life within. Those golden beauties will give you more pleasure than any man, though not so much as a good dog. :-)

  2. Goldie Hawn, Golda Meir, Leadbelly. What say?