Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Cordon Noir cookery tips

Two tips from the infamous Long Dog cordon noir kitchen 
for you today.

Tip Number One

My they were tart!  This photo doesn't feature all the
others I decided to add for good measure,

When faced with the question "What to do with a glut of
gooseberries?" do not be tempted to add them to your
dish of oven baked salmon along with the capers
and black olives.  

Gooseberry Surprise instantly becomes Gooseberry Fool.
It tastes not only disgusting but is also so sour that it
"draws your arse to your elbow" as my grandfather would
have so charmingly put it, in about two seconds flat.
It somehow sounded more polite in Dutch.

Tip Number Two

A Rhode Island Red I presume.

Don't waste your time playing about with mutant
strawberries when there's far more important things you
should be doing - grow up Julia.

But at least I now know which came first.
It was the eggs.  They just sat quietly on the worktop
in silent admiration as they watched me handcraft
my little strawberry chicken.  Bless.

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