Friday, 3 July 2015


This post may contain blatant advertising, scenes of
nudity and depravity and some bad language.
(Grammar never was my strong point).


Long Dog's are funny.
Long Dog's are brash.
Stitch them in the sunshine
And you'll come out in a rash.

Bristol Fashion

Long Dog's are compelling,
You won't want to put them down.
Stitch them with a daylight bulb
Or you will get a frown.


Long Dog's bring great pleasure.
Long Dog's can give pain,
Especially when you've got all wet
While sewing in the rain.

Quatre Saisons

Hang them in the attic.
Hang them in the loo.
That way you can admire your work
Even when you .....


.... put on the kettle,
Or sit upon your bed.
Long Dog's should be everywhere.
That's what the doctor said.

Spirit of Vierlande

Long Dog's are very many
So if you've got the cash
Why not buy another one
And add it to your stash?


Click here to order one: 

Nudity?  I only said "may contain"!

Oh go on then.  Is that enough bottoms for you?

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