Friday, 10 July 2015

The Cycle of Long Dog

I've got a new Long Dog,
I'll start with the border.
My threads are all ready,
My pages in order.

Go find the scissors,
Turn on the lamp.
Material's ready,
Just tighten the clamp.

I love all the colours,
So bright and so bold.
My needle is threaded
With "Mexican Gold".

Time to get started,
No further delay.
I've done a few stitches
So we're on our way.

How long will it take me
To get to the end?
Sometimes too much stitching
Sends me round the bend.

But then, does it matter?
These motifs are fun
And it will get finished
In the long run.

I've finally got there,
A big sigh of "phew".
The project is over,
Now what shall I do?

Go to my laptop
Tap in the site
Order a download
And get it tonight.

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I've got a new Long Dog, etc

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