Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I think a travel feature might be in order as last week I popped
down to Kent, Rochester to be precise, with my cousin (twice removed
and usually from bars at closing time) Jan.  

What it says on the sign.

Briefly, what Jan
doesn't know about the latest high-tech sewing machines isn't worth
knowing and as she happened to be on a teaching trip I just
tagged along for the ride.

Inside the cathedral which is singularly unattractive.

We spent what can best be described as an "interesting" night at
Queensborough on the Isle of Sheppey before continuing on to
Rochester, one of the Medway towns, the following day.

High Street, Rochester - not exactly bustling!

If I'm perfectly honest I don't really know what to think about
Rochester.  It boasts the second oldest cathedral in Britain,
has some great architecture and a long naval history but sadly
it failed to grab me by the throat and show me a good time.
Unlike the Rastafarian I met on a park bench whilst eating my
lunch who wanted nothing more than to share his spliff
and converse for a while.

They had two samplers in their museum.
I wonder if anyone ever told Sarah she had her
"S" the wrong way round?

Rochester does however have not one but  two delightful sewing outlets which
is becoming increasingly rare in this age of the internet when
everything is available online and little haberdashers are going
to the wall in their droves.  Makes them sound a bit like lemmings
although they don't actually jump but simply shut their doors
for one last time.

All very quaint but where are the punters?

CCB Sewing is a real Alladin's cave full of fabrics, threads and
wool although sadly no cross stitch which seems to be falling
out of favour in the UK.  Shame on you all, start
stitching immediately.  It's one of those joyful family-run
shops and they certainly go the extra mile for their clients
offering free tuition, monthly clubs and guest speakers.

A good place for quilters.

Hometown is the domain of Marion Haslam and stocks everything
a quilter's heart could desire just there at your fingertips
as well as gifts, buttons, bows, baubles, bangles and beads.
You get the idea, I left her with the idea of cross stitch!
Well fair exchange is no robbery pet as Granny H. would say.
That woman certainly knew how to irritate.
(Granny H. not Marion Haslam I hasten to add).
Sorry no apparent website just an email address:

Sadly it wouldn't go in the car.

I'm still undecided what to make of Rochester so
you'll just have to go see for yourselves but watch out
for Rasta's if you decide to dine al fresco!

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