Sunday, 12 July 2015

All coming along nicely ......

Fuschias are lovelly
The roses ain't bad.
They're big, and they're blousie and smell.
Nasturtiums are naughty,
Hydrangeas are haughty
I like a good mix - can't you tell?


Geraniums glow,
Sweet peas a bit slow,
They don't want to climb up their strings.
Have a look at my lupins,
I think one is drooping.
What's that dude called that looks like a bell?

Smelly, wet rose

My scabious scowl,
Quick pass me a trowel
I can see a big weed that I've missed.
Clematis climb quickly,
My hops feel quite prickly
And the peonies all look quite pissed.

Pissed peonie

I love my wee garden
So begging your pardon
I could write verses all of the time.
There's so many wild flowers
That grow in my bower
But sadly not all of them rhyme!

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