Friday, 19 June 2015

I'm starting to get the urge to .......

...... push and make loud gurgling noises in the back
of my throat.

But I must hang on in there as I want both these designs
to go to full term.

Do you think it looks a bit like me?

The real pains are starting to come very close together now
although I couldn't actually be arsed to time them.

You probably know the sort of thing I mean by pains;
emails full of questions like -
"Well can't we see just a little bit more?"
"Can we have an advance copy as a special favour?"
"Have you given them names yet?"
"How many stitches will they measure?"
"Who's the father?" (that one really is none of your business).

There's definately a family likeness.

It won't be long now -  I promise, but for now please
just hang on, be patient and let me enjoy my
gas and air in peace.


  1. I sure hope these pains are not Braxton-Hicks!! We would not want you to go past your due date, now would we? :-)

    1. No, it's the real thing. And if I need stitches there are plenty of tiny motifs on the charts that they can work from.

  2. Oh I'm impatient!! I even have a box of
    cigars ready to pass out! (Oops, have I said too much?)

    1. Just stand by Kevin with plenty of hot water ready and a good supply of clean towels. Failing that, panic and pace about a lot!