Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A cautionary tale

Julia Line, dreamer.

To be read to the tune of My Favourite Things.

How's that for an inkstand?
Green runner beans in a lightening sky;
Rafts of meercats sculling by.
Azure inkstands, lollypop trees;
A shiny, red money box stuffed full of bees.
Carnival clowns with sinister eyes;
Fly-tipping noblemen cantering by.
Lobsters with acne, scallions at dawn,
Ginger beer sundaes topped off with a prawn.
Best I could do so you'll have to use your imagination girls.
Pink London taxis on Baltimore streets;
Naked striped bobbies patrolling theirs beats.
Lances and leopards, gorillas in clogs.
No wonder the country has gone to the dogs.
Gone to the dogs - best bit of the dream.
What can be happening?
What does it all mean?
Why eating blue cheese mates
Will mess with your dreams!
Wake up, wake up .......
Thought for the day:  If I was a Professor of Dreams (POD)
would I be offered a Chair or a Bed at Dreamville University?
Very silly Julia, go and find something useful to do at once.


  1. Oh my! Now I will have that tune and your words stuck in my head all day! As well as that dreadful clown image! You are a fiendish individual! :-)

  2. There ARE some bobbies who should never, never be viewed without clothing...on the flipside of that...there are many who should be in a "special" calendar :D