Thursday, 25 June 2015

One lump or two?

by Julia Teapot Line

Cockney tea's called Rosie Lee
One drinks it in a mug.
No need for cups and saucers,
Please don't brew it in a jug.
One drinks it when it's quite dark brown
(Pale tea's for pussy whimps).
So get your laughing gear round some
Before those bloody chimps.

Earl Grey tea is most refined
One drinks that in one slug.
Please don't cool it in your saucer
Or they'll mistake you for a thug.
One drinks it neat without skimmed milk
And just a slice of lemon.
So sip away, it's safe to say
It really tastes like heaven.

Decaf tea's the one for me
One drinks it all day long.
No fear of getting hyper
When the caffeine rush comes on.
One drinks it from one's lurcher mug
Or the one with the blue fishes.
With the cup that cheers, who needs a beer?
Tea fulfills all my wishes -

- or does it?

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