Saturday, 27 June 2015

You can lead a horse to water .......

....... but you can't make him drink.  

However I think maybe
you could, nowadays, lead a Long Dog stitcher
to wine and then offer them a glass.

Sadly I haven't actually diversified into the world of
viticulture but I did come across this fruity little number
at my local supermarket this week. One quick blast on my
silent dog whistle, which I always carry about my person,
saw it leap into my trolley with the effortless grace
that only a Long Dog can exhibit.

Cheers my dears.  

Perhaps this will persuade some of you to upgrade
to sip and sew.  Just don't let it drip on your work.
Wine stains are real beggars to get out.
Aren't they dear Mrs C?  Specially Simoneau ones.

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