Sunday, 8 March 2015

Acronymous Long Dog

No, it's not the second cousin twice removed of
Hieronymous Bosch, although I must admit it sounds like it.

Do not scrunch or use a frame for these!
Today's title is yet another example of the growing mound
of totally useless work that the Devil keeps thinking up
for my idle hands.  Or should that be brain as my
hands are never idle and generally to be found full of
crumpled Aida and a needle.  I'm such a scrunchy,
bottom left start, look no frame sort of a girl.
Who else walks on the wild side of the selvage edge?
 Now tell me this.  What do these words conjure up for you:
Lovelly, outstanding needlework.  Great designs.
Over generations samplers acquire much prestige
linking each relative's story .....

Ackworth squirrel without NUTS! and from the rear
too if I'm not mistaken.  Either that or this kid's
sewing really was rubbish, Ackworth or not.
Are they the opening paragraph of a book on samplers through
the ages; a small ad in an antiquarian textile magazine
for an ancient Ackworth sampler or just me attempting to
keep the dreaded dementia at bay, as they keep telling us
silver citizens, by keeping our shrinking brains active.
How well you begin to know me.
Take another look, this time at the first letter of each of the
words and you'll quickly discover that today my questing
little beak has been thrust into the ant's nest of acronyms
and mnemonics; the former being an abbreviation formed from
the initials in a word or phrase and the latter a formula
or rhyme to assist memory.

Don't drive too close - this one may not bounce!

Examples are all around us.  SWAT - could be a special
weapons and tactics squad but, in my case, is more likely
to be a scientific wild ass guess.  Or the mnemonic for
remembering the lines of the treble clef (EGBDF)
-elephants go bouncing down freeway/every good boy
deserves fruit.

And as I keep telling small, alien life forms when they get a
little too close for comfort to my designs -
Look Only,  No Greasey
Dabs On Granny's Sewing.

What did Grandma just say?
Step away from her sewing!

Ah la la poo poo ah la la!
Neither an acronym, nor a mnemonic, I just like saying it.


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