Monday, 2 March 2015

Can you spare a couple of minutes?

Then make a quick cup of tea, two sugars
for me, and pull up a chair.
Hard at work
I want to introduce you today to an amazing and very
creative French woman called Isabelle de Borchgrave.
She's a painter, designer and visual artist and follower of the
Nabis movement, a Parisian group of post-impressionist
artists and illustrators who became very influential within
the field of graphic art.
The detail is quite amazing
She set up her studio, La Tour de Bebelle, in her modest home
in Sablon back in the 1970's where she gave art and craft
lessons to local children.  A sort of Play School French style
with bags of flair, passion, warmth and pain au raisin too.
Elizabeth I court dress
During the course of her career Isabelle has travelled the world
discovering new cultures and drawing inspiration to
incorporate into her designs from everywhere she went.
It would never fit through my front door.

It was following a visit to New York in 1994 that she first came
up with the idea of paper costumes with a touch of trompe
l'oeil for good measure.  Unique.
Hard to believe it's not lace.
Four wonderful collections followed.  "Papiers a la Mode" looked
at three hundred years of fashion history from Elizabeth I to
Coco Chanel and all stops in between.
I would love to see this "in the flesh" so to speak.
"Mariano Fortury" was centered in 19th century Venice,
"I Medici" looks at Florentine ceremonial dress and "Ballets
Russes", as you might guess, is set in the world of ballet costume.

Lustre Nenuphar - she's so versatile.
Today her name is linked with fabrics, ceramics, soft furnishings,
party centre pieces and more besides but for me it has to be
her paperwork that does it every time.
See for yourself at:
you won't be disappointed.

Foulard en Papier
This one's specially for you Ginger.