Saturday, 21 March 2015

This 'n that

I would, first of all, like to introduce you to
my new set of wheels.
Not the best of photo's but you get the gist.
He's called Jake and he's a three year old Renault Clio estate.
He's automatic, nips along at a very respectable
turn of speed and already I don't know how I managed
without him.
The world is beginning to open up to me again
and the prospects are endless;
car boot sales, trips to the seaside,
visits to friends and sufficient room in
the back should I decide to do a spot of wheelie dealing.
The Lock-Up in Naughty Corner
I should also like to show you my latest bargain
which is a little bay tree the flower man at Acle
Sale let me have at a very special price indeed.

One of 12 Eleanor of Castile crosses which mark the
resting places of her coffin en route for London in the 13th century.
The downside being that I wasn't travelling
in Jake at the time I bought it and had to lug it
home as best I could making more stops
than Queen Eleanor's coffin on the way but without
the erection of any kind of monument to mark the route.
It was delicious if not very filling.
As for Plot 6, let me introduce you to my first tiny
blister following the first piece of honest toil I've
done for ages and the fruits of my labout -
one tiny spud which I had for my lunch.

Does your mother know you've gone out
dressed like that?

And while I'm on about this 'n that may I also
introduce you to my grand daughter
Jasmine Leoni who is currently touring
with Cirque Normande in the south of England
and of whom I am immensley proud.
Hang on in there girl!


  1. Wow, good for your Granddaughter! I like your car too!

  2. I would be proud of her as well! That takes a load of talent and tons of hard work.

    Congrats on the car. Freedom to go and do as you please!!!

    Now please get back to work on that new piece you will be releasing soon as we are anxiously waiting! :-)