Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spooky or what?

This morning, as it was coming down stair rods outside
and the wind was blowing a Force 8 straight off the North Sea,
I decided that I would give the digging I had planned for
Plot 6 a miss and seek alternative amusement indoors.
As it's been a while since I got around to backing up my
computer files that's what I decided to do.  I've got a nifty
little external hard drive which does the job and so I got cracking.
It's a pretty boring job and my mind soon started to wander.
I thought that next I might copy off some ancient happy snaps
from my husband's old hard drive; went to the book case where
it's always kept, and there it was - gone!

Not there.
It was at that moment that the first slight tinge of panic set in
as everything - and I mean everything - is stored on it.
Irreplaceable photo's, legal documents, accounts and all things
Long Dog, past, present and yet to be released.  Aaaargh!
A systematic search of the rest of the book case revealed nothing
followed by an equally unrewarding rummage in all the other
most likely places I might have absent mindedly stashed it.
Still nothing, this is getting serious.

Even the sniffer dog was baffled.
A police style, fintertip search of the entire lock-up ensued.
No cupboard was left unopened, no corner left untouched,
no drawer was exempted as being improbable and still no
bloody hard drive could I find.  I carried out a second sweep
which turned out to be equally abortive.  I even lifted the
sofa cushions in my desperation.
Having pondered the possibility of a resident poltergeist or,
worse than that, the malevolent presence of my late husband
still hell bent on causing me aggravation, I decided to get a
grip and deliver my new bean poles to the allotment even if
digging was out of the question.  A change of scene and some
fresh air was what I needed - fast.

My dream hat!
My trusty old wool hat always lives in the right hand side of
drawer two of my chest of drawers (nothing OCD about me)
which I had completely turned out only minutes earlier and,
sure enough, there it was still in its rightful place.  Ooooof!
Now here's where it gets really freaky,
Sitting on top of it, in plain view, was not only the missing
hard drive but also a ceramic coaster of a greyhound
which had been missing for some time too.

Looks like they started without me.
You've never seen a bobble hatted woman clutching
bean poles leave the lock-up so fast in all your life!

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