Thursday, 19 March 2015

Keep calm and keep stitching!

We certainly live in interesting times and this week
promises to be extraordinary at the very least.
On the 17th the last of seven squares between Uranus and
Pluto took place (no, I didn't feel a thing either Camilla)
only to be followed on the 20th by not only a "Supermoon"
but also a solar eclipse and culminating in the
Spring Equinox on the 21st.  What changes and
challenges could this little lot mean lies ahead for us all?

It doesn't appear to feature on sat-nav's
For those of you who have no idea what the seven
squares are all about, I will endeavour to explain.
Pluto and Uranus only align in a tense square every
eighty years which means that this most significant and
challenging planetary influence generally only occurs
once in a generation.
It began in June 2012 and as the planets move slowly and
undergo retrograde phases the squares are repeated seven times
in all leaving us all living through a major generational
upheaval with the focus being on evolutionary change.
Uranus symbolises change, invention and revolution and its
effects are shocking, unpredictable and erratic.  Pluto stands for
globalization, destruction, transformation and renewal  and its
effects are ruthless and extreme.  They are non-personal,
emotionless planets yet nevertheless their effects can be
dramatic and deeply felt.

Now that's what I call a super moon.  Boys will be boys.
 As if this wasn't enough for most of us, we then have the
"Supermoon" to contend with.  The term was coined by astrologer
Richard Nolle in 1979 and these events happen about 4-6 times
a year influencing our behavious and emotions.  Everything is
stronger and more deeply felt and severe weather events are
often experienced around the same time.  So get in touch with
your feminine side, strap on a life jacket and prepare for a
tidal wave of energy and the opportunity for growth.

Going, going, gone.
Two down, two to go.  The total solar eclipse takes place in
Pisces and it's effects can last for as long as six months afterwards.
This is a moment when matters come to a head and the change
that is brought about can be very positive.  The nature of the change
depends upon which house of your natal chart it falls within.
This particular solar eclipse is all about new beginnngs which will
require a certain leap of faith to bring about, it will test our beliefs
and demands imagination and intuition if you really want to
enjoy the fulfilment of your dreams.  There is, however, a price to
pay in all this and something must end before another new chapter
can begin in earnest.  It's the moment to take a break from routine
and daily pressures, to be a bit more laid back and in less of a hurry.
A time to let go!

Time to do something about your "hare"
Are you still with me?  We've only got the Spring Equinox to
get through and we should be home and dry.  Equinox -
equal night and equal day; the beginning of a new season and
the start of the new astrological year.  Fresh starts, new endeavours.

The nation on alert, scanning the heavens for a first sighting.
 And what has all this got to do with Long Dog and cross stitch?
Well everything of course.  It's written in the stars that
a new design will appear in Aries on 8th April
but it's still not quite visible to the naked eye so you'll
just have to find some of the patience bestowed by the solar eclipse
and finish off something in your stash in the meantime.

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