Friday, 6 March 2015

Crufts 2015

The world's largest dog show.

The Triple Bois hounds where my dear Geordie came from.
I love Cruft's show where all the doggies go
And wag their tails about.
I love the hounds, those agility rounds
And to hear the crowds all shout.

A hound from the Doocloone pack!
 I love the deeries best, then the greyhounds next.
Who will be the best in show?
It matters not, 'cos when I see them all trot
It just sets my heart aglow.

You'd be hard pushed to find finer bridle leather products.

Good luck on the day Susan with your Doocloone Sloughis
and welcome back Bernie and June of Dragon Manufacturing
after a few year's break from the rigours of the show.
May you gather awards and your order books overflow.

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  1. Loving those furry doggy faces - I knew instantly that this was your post -I get emails from "bloglovin" with posts from my favorites. :-)