Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Car Insurance

Nothing is ever simply, straight forward or easy
where I'm concerned and car insurance is certainly no
exception to this rule.

Having recently become the proud owner of a set of wheels
I decided to find myself an insurance agent with a "real"
office which I could visit if necessary; manned by "real"
staff who I could speak to on a "real" telephone should the
need arise.  This seemed infinitely preferable to tiptoeing
my way through the minefield on online offers on price
comparison sites.
A charming and very helpful young man called Alex took my
metaphorical hand and led me safely past all the
obstacles and pitfalls along the pathway to comprehensive
motor insurance.
I had, at that point, no tangible proof of the no claims bonus
on my previous French insurance and, as I wasn't sure how long
it would take to materialise, we decided to start again from
scratch with the proviso that amendments could be made to
the policy as and when the French got their act together.

It's the only thing.  Poop, poop!
 I paid my money, I took my chance and I took to the road!
Poop, poop!
The French documentation finally rocked up a couple of days
back.  The lovely Alex received his copy and managed to secure
for me a rather pleasing £147 reduction in my premium.
Thank you Alex, job done, sorted - or so I thought.

What do you want us to do about eet?  Non!
What neither Alex, nor I, had foreseen was that the insurance
underwriters would not accept a document in French even
thought it's meaning was patently obvious.  Their in house
translators would have charged more that the rebate to do the
necessary, the French insurers were equally unhelpful and so
the £147 reduction was clawed back.
Then the bastards played their trump card.
They charged me another £120 on top of all this for having to
make an amendment to the policy and neither I nor poor Alex
had a leg to stand on - legally they were within their rights.

How very true.
 Which leaves me with just two things to say:
1.  Please learn from my mistakes and let sleeping policies
lie - you will never win!  And ...
2.  A pox on insurance companies and small print in particular!


  1. Perhaps a cameo appearance on Top Gear would help. Sharon

  2. A pox is right. Top Gear- yes that is a super suggestion.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you, particularly on your supposed application for a car insurance. The mistake that happened may be frustrating, but I hope that you have found a way to resolve it by now. Good luck!

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta