Friday, 19 September 2014

I don't know about you .....

..... but does anyone else find the current vogue
for exhibiting words of wisdom on FaceBook,
office walls, greetings cards and even,
occasionally, in the loo a little strange?
The only acceptable occasion, of course, is when
they appear on a sampler.

American sampler, Rhode Island 1785

Let's have a look at a few of these edifying
little homilies and perhaps you'll understand
what I'm getting at.

Take this one for example,
Now the way I read this situation is that the
best this poor guy can do is kiss his arse goodbye.

Well meaning words I don't deny but what if ......
..... you were to take them literally,
like the driver of this vehicle obviously did,
and there was no immediate left turn.
Are you beginning to get my drift?
This one is an absolute classic ......
(although look before you leap would have been more apt)
OK Theodore, what do you suggest?
And if you say "hang on in there" I'm going to kill you
if I ever get down from here.
How about this one?
I found it under the section marked "love",
My advice in this situation is be careful what you wish for.
I will leave you to ponder on this,
signed Julia Line, the most successful woman on the planet
- no, make that the universe (I've had a lot of practice).

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