Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I'm a little worried as .....

... I seem, of late, to have been in the grips of a lace obsession.
  You may even have noticed it yourselves
from the topics or one or two recent posts.
My inspiration for Bagatelle
It can mean only one thing - I am going soft in my old age.
I am in touch with my feminine side and this troubles me.
Edwardian lace
What has happened to the feisty Julia de Long Dog
well known for her love of leather and coarse woollen homespun.
Could it be my remaining, solitary hormone deciding to
have one last fling before it's too late?
Do you ever wake up feeling a bit "ruff" in the mornings?
Heaven forbid, am I likely to start wearing facepowder
and combing my hair on a daily basis.
These are troubling admissions for me to make but lace is indeed
very beautiful, extremely girly and utterly irresistable.
Darling lace thingey
Will you all excuse me for a moment all may not be lost after all.
A simple colour change was all that was necessary!
"Jake, take those off immediately"
Beauty is in the eye of the (be)holder
"and don't let me ever catch you wearing my knickers again!"

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