Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A chatelaine no longer!

Yesterday at 0900 French time Chateau Long Dog
passed into new ownership - lock, stock and
smoking septic tank!

Goodbye dear chateau.
Ring the church bell,
Toll the death knell
For a lifestyle that's all over and done!
I've sold off the chateau
I've eaten the gateau
So now I'm a girl on the run!

Last sunset from the terrace.
The staff have all been notified by text
that their jobs no longer exist.
That's the way it's done these days.
I shall particularly miss Joel, my gardener,
no one could trim a bush quite like him.
Merci cheri, it was fun!

I wonder if he'd consider relocating?
What's left of my long suffering goods and chattels
(that is all the stuff that hasn't been eaten by the rats)
are now on the way back to Blightey
in the back of an unmarked Luton van
destination unknown.

Refugees waiting to hop on lorries to England
Strict instructions have been issued
not to hang about at Calais as I don't want to
find some uninvited visitors in the back
when we go to unload this end.
Right now I don't even have a bed myself
let alone a guest room.
I do love a good cliff hanger so I shall leave you
with this thought .....

Wouldn't you know it, they're all shut except one!
As one door closes another one's
quite likely to slam shut in my face too!
Don't miss the next thrilling episode of
Long Dog Rides Again!

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