Friday, 12 September 2014

Brief encounter

Today has been one of those rare and beautiful autumn
days when it's neither too hot nor too cold,
there's no breeze worth mentioning and all
the leaves are starting to turn to gold.
They are just so beautiful.
And so I took myself off for a mooch around
the lanes as I have been doing of late to see
what was what in the fields round about and
I certainly wasn't disappointed.
Much like the lane where I was standing.
I had been standing quietly for some time watching
an extra large dragon fly circling the meadow
presumably in search of something to eat
when it seemed to, what I can only describe as,
sense my presence.
It circled me several times getting ever closer
with each circuit and when I moved off it
flew alongside me a few feet away for quite some
distance.  It was then that the little voice
in my head said "Put out your hand"
and to my utter surprise and delight it landed
right there in my palm.
Sadly not the actual event as I wasn't carrying my camera and
anyway it would have been very difficult to take a photo with
one of these in my hand.
Spooky of what?
All the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end
and if it hadn't been for the arrival of a
big and very noisy tractor I would probably still
be standing there now utterly spellbound.

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