Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer Souvenirs

Newts and coots and dragon flies
Living beak by jowl.
Lone pike hidden by the reeds
Watching water fowl.
Boatmen skim across the mere,
Midges swarm in swirls.
An old toad traps a passing fly
As his tongue unfurls.

The sunlight dapples through the leaves.
A gentle breeze springs up.
There's daisies growing in the grass
And a buttercup.
Lazy, hazy summer days,
Store them in your mind.
Keep them in some private place
That's not too hard to find.

Then as autumn gilds the land
With winter at it's heels,
Take them out and dust them off.
Remember how it feels.
The sun once more upon your back
And freckles on your nose.
Summer's days that only end
When twilight fades to rose.

Happy Wattle Day to everyone reading down under
- your summer's on it's way!

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