Saturday, 13 September 2014

Maybe it's because they're all Londoners ......

If there's one thing guaranteed to get all you ladies going,
and a couple of sailor friends too,
it's when I write a post that includeas a fit bloke or two.
In fact I've even had a few requests which, alas,
could get me into a whole load of trouble if I complied.
So today I'm going to sing the praises of Cockney men,
the best blokes in the world, and where better to start than
the best known of them all - Michael Caine,
born 1933 in Rotherhithe.
Next up good old Terence Stamp, born 1938 in Stepney.
They don't come more Cockney than that and you certainly
wouldn't go turning him out of bed on a cold day.
Or even a warm one come to that!
David's surname may be Essex but he's definately from the Smoke.
Plaistow to be precise in 1947.
That was a good vintage (same year as me).
There's something for everyone on this blog and so if you
prefer a younger model you couldn't do any better than
little Danny Dyer born in Canning Town, 1977.
However do not be fooled by this impostor.
Dick Van Dyke born in 1925 in West Plains, Missouri
may have passed himself off as a chirpy Cockney sparrow
in Mary Poppins but you've only got to hear his
accent to know something's not quite pukka.
The London tube map
And for those of you not in the least bit bothered by a bit
of rough or smooth here's a boring Cockney cross stitch
to keep everyone happy.  Ertcha!

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