Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Let's go with the flow ......

The 1st May here in France is not only their national labour day but also "La Fete du Muguet" - lily-of-the-valley day.

It is a tradition on this day to offer a sprig of this flower, sometimes accompanied by a single rose bud, to friends and loved ones alike as a token of luck and prosperity for the year ahead.
Each year one of the estate workers wives leaves a little gift of flowers at the chateau gates which are always a pleasure to receive.  She's much too timid to knock!
So this year we've decided to join in and in true Long Dog style have come up with this little concoction which needs no water and will keep forever - or at least until the beads drop off .
Look - even the back has been stitched.  How's that for attention to detail.  So all it leaves now is for Mouche, Geordie and me to wish you all good health and good luck for the coming months or at least until your beads drop off.

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  1. And a joyous handful of virtual muguet de bois to you! One of my favorite dainty and delicate to look at, a scent so sweet and gentle....yet it somehow calls attention to itself. We always know where the lilies bloom....their come hither scent beckons from under the pines.

    Thanks for your wit and wisdom. Brightens my days!