Saturday, 4 May 2013

All wil be revealed - Part III: The Family Tree

The tree of life represents our roots, our family - where we came from, how we're all connected and how things stand between us and the other members of our clan.

As with the house and the sun, how simple or how complicated you draw your tree indicates the degree of importance you place on your family and how involved you all are with one another.

The positioning of your tree can also be very telling.  A tree next to, or even overshadowing your house, means close family ties and when the branches actually touch or partially cover the roof  signifies a measure of family involvement in your home life.  It could be something as simple as financial assistance for the purchase of your home, even an inherited property, however it could also point to unwanted family problems which threaten to cramp your style somehow finding their way into your private space.
Likewise should your tree partially cover the sun this is flagging up a family situation or a family member overshadowing your happiness or blocking the path you would like to follow.  A distant tree points to a family living miles, even continents, apart.  It can also tell of someone who has been cut off from their roots through a family feud, divorce, bereavement or even, occasionally, through adoption.
Hands up those of you who drew more than one tree.  Your family lives are almost certain to be complicated.  Maybe you have remarried and have children from each marriage, perhaps as a child you lived apart from your parents and so came to think of other people as your family or maybe your partner's family is equally as important to you as your own.
If you've drawn a forest, or even felled a couple of trees you are strongly advised to seek professional help soon as whatever is bugging you is way out of my league.
Incidentally, did any of you add birds - or squirrels?  I thought as much!  Almost certainly clandestine cross stitch designers wearing false beards and dark glasses have been having a sneeky peek at my blog - enjoy! 
Next week, my little guerrilla stitchers, we'll be wading in the water - bring wellies or a towel to dry your feet.  And NO - I don't have the pattern for a tree cosy!

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  1. The tree cozy is truly amazing but what struck me and gave me an idea was the tree silhouetted against the setting sun - looking a lot like a witch, bending over to study something on the ground. Her head crowned with a great snaggle of twigs and small branches. I can just see it.