Saturday, 20 April 2013

All will be revealed - Part I: The House

Now no cheating, did you hear me Andrea, have you all got your drawings ready?  Then we'll begin.
The way you've drawn your house gives us instant insight into your domestic situation.  Those of you who've drawn very detailed houses with fancy windows, curtains, door furniture, window boxes, smoke coming from the chimney etc are almost bound to be individuals who love to "nest" and set great store by their homes.  After all home is often where the heart lies and so it's bound to be important and the more detailed the more it reflects your happiness there.

All right, own up, who's drawn a mansion like Anglesey Abbey above, or a chateau perhaps?  These are people who have big dreams, great ambitions or even delusions of grandeur with the exception of you Camilla dear, a stately pile is just the norm in your particular case.
Now to the other extreme, a couldn't care less approach depicting only the bare minimum rather like a child's drawing.  Maybe your career is the most important aspect of your life (we shall see later) or perhaps you're unhappy at home, could be going through a divorce or recently bereaved, or perhaps you're just rubbish at drawing.  A minimalistic house is usually indicative of an unimportant home, your dreams lie elsewhere.
So who couldn't resist adding a garage, a conservatory or parking a car in the drive?  Your home is more of a status symbol than a place of refuge in times of woe and keeping one step ahead of the Jones' is likely to be high on your agenda.
But no matter what size, shape or style your house please remember that this is only a bit of fun dearie and take it all with a generous pinch of salt.  And now I'm off to make sure my new groundsman knows his pergola from his herbaceous border.  Moi pretentious - never.
 Next week - the Sun and it's solar secrets! 

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  1. Ah, you've got me. As I was drawing my house, I thought it looked just like the kind my preschool students used to draw - minimalist at best. (But I did add the smoke coming from that chimney!) in my case, it just means I'm "rubbish at drawing". But maybe it also means my dreams are elsewhere - hmmm something to ponder in my idle moments. Ta ta til next week. ;-)