Thursday, 31 January 2013

If he wasn't already dead ......

today he would be and I would probably be facing a very long custodial sentence.  I think there's still such a thing as a crime of passion in France and believe me I'm just about incandescent at the moment.  Anyone looking for jolly cross stitch today is out of luck, perhaps Sunday when I've calmed down a bit, today I'm on a rant!

Let me explain.  I'm trying to pack up my late husband's steam railway which used to completely disfigure our garden and in which the selfish man invested the best part of our savings.  Not content with slowly alienating our family and friends and practically entombing me here in the middle of nowhere  he frittered away vast sums of money for his own amusement while there were many more important things needingto be done to make the house even remotely habitable.  As for the motor bike and the sports car I won't even go there just now. 
 However if I hope to recover anything out of all this I must get everything shipped back to England and a van is coming next Thursday morning to pick everything up.  Having just finished clearing up after the replastering of the kitchen I thought I'd take a look at what needed to be done.  The first box I chanced to open had been colonised by mice and the one under that was crawling with maggots where something had obviously died in it. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, are you beginning to understand my angst?
Here's the one with the mouse nest, (the photo doesn't do it justice) but I'll spare you the full frontal magots.  There is some good in me if you look hard enough.  I was tempted to just torch the lot but (a) metal won't really burn and (b) there's too much capital tied up in this lot so I must pick my way through the mouse droppings while whistling something cheerful like Abide With Me. 
Fortunately I do have a little time in hand and although night is falling there is light of sorts in the workshop.  I shall however be wearing the bicycle clips I came across just to be on the safe side, it's been a very long time since anything darted up my leg and I'm not in a hurry to repeat the experience.
Whether ye be friends, Romans, countrymen or cross stitchers thank you for lending me your ears as there's no one here to tell except the dogs and they're both wearing their tin hats at the moment.  Here's the Lion of Holland for those of you who stuck it out to the end with me - he looks like Geordie having a bad fur day.  Yes Alice, Sunday I'll post you some more teasers - promise but in the meantime I just hope and pray that nothing else goes wrong, there's only so much a girl can take.

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