Sunday, 3 February 2013

A promise is a promise .....

so here I am Alice, it's Sunday and as I'm always good to my word here are the teasers I promised.

As you can see the sun has once again got his hat on and he's coming out to play.  I too have my hat and good humour once again restored - yes Ellie Jane thank goodness for that because I'm not very nice to know when I'm hopping mad.  This is a snippet from the biggie which, by the way, is called Kells Kritters.  I will explain the name at a later date.  I'll say anything to keep you all coming back for more.
This one's title is Hare Apparent which probably doesn't warrant an explanation.  All right Alice dear I'll talk you through it later when it's quiet.  I wonder who he's going to give his tulip to?
This has nothing to do with anything in particular - I suppose you could call it a blue herring.  It's just a snippet from one of the designs in Arbre de Noe available from Amazon and all good book stores etc.  Perhaps I was an advertising executive in a former life.
I'm damned if I can remember where this one comes from but it's still rather jolly and worth a quick look.  That's what comes of taking a whole lot of random snaps and then leaving them on your camera for ages.  The old memory isn't what it was.
Neither is the old body but every wrinkle tells it's own tale.  I'm the one on the right by the way, I wonder if I can still do that.  I don't however think I shall put it to the test as there's no one around to hear my screams if I get stuck.  Oh well, bottoms up until we meet again.

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  1. I admire your limber-ness and wish I was the same. I would simply break in half.