Sunday, 27 January 2013

We've been plastered all week!

No Tracey, you haven't missed an Oliver Reed style bender (more's the pity) and neither have I broken anything, but your concern, for which I thank you, is touching Alice.  What has actually been going on is some much needed repairs to the kitchen walls here at Chateau Long Dog after a few DIY blunders on my part.

It all began when I decided, in a fit of pique I might add, to take down some old shelves.  A simple enough task I thought but what I hadn't taken into account was the state of the old wall behind them.  Not only did the shelves come away but half the wall as well.
What to do?  As I was already by now in chaos and covered, once again, in dust and dirt I decided. after a quick rattle of my piggy bank,  to take drastic action and have the whole room changed around a bit, replastered and repainted.  And the sooner the better, it's very difficult to sew on a building site.
Geordie and Mouche aged visibly as they turned grey from the powdered plaster in the air and once they had been out to play in the lingering snow they turned into a pair of punks as their fur set solid once it got damp.  The walls are just drying out now and next week - we paint!  What can possibly go wrong?  Now for the teasers which is the real reason you're here after all  .....
Just a touch more of the band sampler for your scrutiny - hands up who likes backstitching.  You don't, then this one's not for you my girl.
And anther tiny snippet of the biggie.  Is this a chapel?  Is it part of a housing complex?  What has it got to do with last week's pansy?  Does it feature in the title?  All will finally be revealed at the end of next month if I remember.
I've had enough of cleaning up for one day and can't think of anything else to thrill you with at the moment so will the last one out please turn off the light.  A plus!

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