Sunday, 13 January 2013

No names, no pack-drill!

Those of you who, like me, come from military families will know what I mean, the rest of you can Google it.  Mary-Sue has just asked whose side we were on.  Do you dare to question my allegiance to The Crown madam?  It was the best boozer in saarf London - chef's spotted dick was legendary.  Any more smutty sniggering and I shall have to put you all on a fizzer.

This is what I was actually alluding to before the rowdy element amongst you started causing problems - a deliberately hazy first peek at one of the two new Long Dog's due to be released in seven weeks time.  Put it in your diaries in big bold writing - 1st March 2013 new designs available.
Yes, I do know you can't tell what it is yet Alice but that's the whole point of this cunning exercise.  How big are they, what are the colours, what's that thing crawling across the top, how can I get my hands on them - all will be revealed over the coming weeks.  It's a strip tease for stitchers.
Geordie has been sworn to secrecy and I haven't dared show them to Mouche - she's a terrible gossip and would tell all at the promise of a Garibaldi or two, or three because she's also a terrible gannet.  And now for something completely different .....
..... a purple peacock with a weird tail.  Bet you can't remember which design this came from.  I would hasten to add that it's not necessary to comb the new Long Dog site in search of an answer because this is not, repeat NOT a competition. (Still, there's bound to be one I just know it).  However please feel free to visit the site at any time of the day or night should you so desire, preferably clutching your bankers card - you'll be most welcome.
There's that strange light in the sky again and the temperature seems to be dropping like a stone so I'd better think about closing the shutters.   We've still got demented hedgehogs roaming about here which can't be right.  Last night Geordie decided to bring one in (despite the fleas and prickles) and was mightily peeved when I told him his new chum must stay outside.
He looked just like this - the spinning monkey with a nasty case of the hump.  You'll find monkey and his little distaff in Bois le Duc by the way.  That's it, I meant what I said earlier about the sniggering so now all your names are going down on a charge sheet for Camilla to deal with, after all she is Colonel of the 4th Battalion of the Rifles so heaven help you.  Taps has just sounded - it's time for lights out. 


  1. You are too funny!

    I am looking forward to seeing the new samplers.

  2. It is extremely difficult to control myself and not run to your website and comb all the images there, as you suggested we NOT do, to try to find the peacock, the monkey and whatever else takes my fancy. My toes are still twitching. If this doesn't get 'em ordering, nothing will.

    the Mountain Maiden